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Jobs require zero to two years of work experience. Entry-Level postings are specifically meant to be for first-time entrants to the full-time job market. Recent college graduates should keep in mind that any job/internship/fellowship experience you have had counts towards experience.
Jobs can start with as few as three years of work experience and go up to about 10 or 15 years, depending on the type of job. This is the broadest job level category and is meant to be for job seekers on the second, third, or even fourth rung of their career ladder.
Jobs generally require a minimum of 8-10 years experience and/or a very specific expertise in a given policy area or work function. They generally report directly to an executive, involve managing staff/budgets/operations, and require a high level of expertise in the organization's mission.
Jobs don't necessarily have specific "years of experience" requirements as much they are meant to convey that you will be the leader of an organization with the presumed qualifications to do so. Executive jobs may also include vice presidents and others who may be considered part of the "executive leadership team" at larger companies.

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Please note if the position is temporarily virtual. It is helpful to include any transition details, if known, in your full job description. If this is a permanently remote position, be sure to click "Remote" for the job location above and check the first option below.

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